Coronavirus charity golf tournament gives hope for sports


Photo from CNN

Four of sports best athletes compete in golf match for charity.

Grady Narang '20

With the outbreak of COVID-19, sports across the country have been canceled and people have suffered from not being able to watch their favorite athletes compete. Sports serve as amain source of entertainment for millions of Americans and its absence has been difficult to ignore.


“I honestly can’t believe the position we are in not being able to watch sports or leave our home,” Micheal Metro ’20 said. “Sports are my life and taking that away is awful. It all seems like a nightmare.” 


The cancelation of sports happened in an effort to promote social distancing to prevent the spread of the disease. Sports like tennis, baseball and lacrosse require contact with others and interaction between players would be unsafe to play during these times. 


Golf is an outlier in the discussion of sports and social distancing measures. The game of golf in itself adheres to the social distancing guidelines of staying six feet apart from another person. With four miles of open land, it isn’t difficult to not come in contact with for an entire round. 


With America left in times of distraught, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. A golf match between legends Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is surfacing and getting the world of sports excited. 


In 2018, the two golfers went head to head in a one-versus-one match play contest to win a $9million grand prize. Phill Mickelson came out victorious against Tiger Woods and part two may be under way. But this time, it includes NFL legends Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to play alongside Mickelson and Woods in a charity match for the Coronavirus. The match is speculated to take place on Memorial Day weekend at an undisclosed location without spectators. The pairing would be Woods and Manning against Mickelson and Brady, a legendary four sum that will be sure to attract viewers all across America.  


Students are excited to watch the match as they have missed sports and its competitiveness. 


“I can’t wait to watch the match,” Dan Lynch ’20 said.” It’s going to be really cool to watch Brady and Peyton go out there and play. In some ways the match gives me hope that sports will return soon.”