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A Guide for Freshman Year Tryouts


By: Elle Fair ’19

Freshman year is filled with intimidating people, large hallways, overcrowded cafeterias and confusing schedules. In addition to the academic and social changes, there also exists a transition from the Police Athletic League ( PAL) and youth leagues into freshman sports. It’s not easy being a freshman and it is especially not easy when tryout season comes around. The jitters that flutter your stomach when the tryouts begin and the nerve-wracking anticipation of the dreadful lists being posted are just some of the emotions that come along. Here are five tips that will help freshman year tryouts run just a little bit more smoothly.

Prepare for the tryouts

Don’t come into the tryouts out of shape and unprepared. Coaches look for fitness when trying to create their team. “It’s not just about skill and scoring, it’s more about effort and recovery,” Ian Tapsall, varsity field hockey coach, said. Coming into the tryouts in shape physically will give you a step up from others. It’s not too hard: set a time everyday for a few weeks before tryouts to go for a run and you will definitely be able to impress the coaches with your fitness.

Ask around

Don’t be afraid to ask upperclassmen or experienced players about the tryouts or the team in general. Their advice is helpful and accurate, and they themselves love being asked questions. “I love when the freshmen ask me questions. It’s nice to know they are comfortable enough to come up and talk to us,” Sophie Smith ’18, a girls’ basketball captain, said. Upperclassmen are a great resource in learning more about the team chemistry and the sport as a whole. Knowing about the tryouts before hand will help you to understand what you will be expected to do.

Respect and listen to your coaches

Showing respect and listening skills during tryouts are great attributes that coaches admire. Make sure to listen closely to instructions, ask questions when you are confused and respect your coaches’ requests. These characteristics are a good addition to athletic talent.

Don’t show your nerves, just work hard

Tryouts are nerve-wracking, but if you show your nerves it is difficult for coaches to see your true skill and talent. Work hard and do your best, that is all coaches could ask for. Your anxiety and the butterflies that swarm your stomach show you care, but don’t let them get the best of you.  

Have fun

Have fun! This is high school sports and some of the best memories will come from the season with your teammates. Kathleen Kozzi ’20 played on the freshman basketball team and really enjoyed it. “It gave me a chance to play with the friends that I’ve been playing with since I started playing,” Kozzi said. Enjoy being able to play something you love with your friends because that is something that you will remember forever. Don’t think of them as a tryout, have fun with it.

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