Swinging for a championship: Staples Boys Golf Preview 2017


Dan Cozzi ’16 after a shot in the 2016 FCIAC tournament.

By: Nicole Dienst ’18 and Nicole Shapiro ’18

With an influx of interested freshman trying out for varsity, the boys’ golf team is expanding their skill set and attempting to earn more recognition from the Staples community.

Golf is a very different sport compared to many other Staples spring sports. There is a highly individualized factor, along with team performance. “Golf is nice because it gives you a great contrast between an individual and team sport,” captain Noah Lomnitz ’17 said. “At the end of the day, it’s individual, but the team aspect gives an opportunity for golf to be inclusive and more friendly than it usually would be.”

Typically, the captains and coaches have to recruit new players. “We try to get the word out by emailing all the kids, holding meetings, and posting in Superfans,” Lomnitz said. But this year, the team had no trouble finding new prospects to try out because, according to Lomnitz, “The kids are pretty motivated to find us.”

The returning varsity boys have been using the pre-season to develop their swings. “We recently went up to Shelton to hit balls as a team and our workouts have been really fun.” Colin Cusa ’19 said. “Hopefully all of this snow melts fast.” Tryouts started March 29 at the Longshore golf course but were delayed due to the snow.

Last year, senior captains Peter Taets ’17 and Lomnitz had the opportunity to experience fierce championship play, coming in second during the FCIAC tournament, and third in the State tournament. “Our goals are set on winning the state this year so we’re definitely looking forward to the end of the season,” Taets said.

Despite their appearances in the FCIAC and State tournaments, the golf team has a smaller fan base of students. “I understand it’s a more boring sport to watch, and in fact we aren’t even allowed fans at our matches, which is a good thing. I hope that our peers get excited this year if we end up winning a state and FCIAC championship, and I feel that we have a good shot at both,” Lomnitz said.

And with their increase of interest, the team is looking forward to more recognition.