Rec Coaching Styles Stir Up Controversy


By: Shane Rabacs

Rec basketball is a game enjoyed by many students at Staples. It is an opportunity to play basketball with their friends. Parent coaches are necessary for the program to run smoothly.  While parent coaches  support the players by providing supervision and instruction do some go too far in trying to win?

Some coaches stay off to the side during the games and let their players play without instruction, but others make it really competitive; setting up schemes, plays, and different defenses.

Jackson Valente ’18 feels like he needs a competitive coach to play up to his potental, “Having a really high intensity coach can make the experience worthwhile” he said.

Having a competitive coach can help a player improve his game; if he wants to play at a higher, more competitive level.

But, coaches may take trying to win too far, says Noah Tanen ’18. “I think they need to realize that it’s a youth game. It’s played for fun but not as a competitive game,” he says.

Many rec players aren’t trying to play in college or even the varsity basketball team, so while they still want to win, don’t want the game to get super competitive.

“Yeah I think they could be at times” says Donny Macaluso ’19, ”but it doesn’t really matter, it’s just rec.”
While it may just be recreational, it is the highlight of many peoples week and gets them through the long winter.