Students get riled up for World Cup


Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

Reece Armstrong ’16 has been waiting four years.

He’s sat through four Super Bowls, four NBA championships and four World Series. He’s tired of watching Lebron James and the rest of the big three do their thing.

It’s time.

Every four years, soccer comes to the world stage as the FIFA World Cup is played. This year’s edition will take place in Brazil and will start on June 12 with the championship taking place on July 13.

“It’s the best recurring sports event on the planet, and the talent in this year’s competition could make it the best ever,” Reece Armstrong ’16 said.

The talent on display this summer will be like none other.

“I can’t wait for Cristiano Ronaldo to show off his amazing skill and speed this summer as he tries to prove himself as one of the best players of all time,” Andres Marmelo ’16 said.  Ronaldo, a forward for the Spanish team Real Madrid, is the highest-paid soccer player in the world.

For Staples soccer players and avid fans alike, the games provide a month of nonstop action with the world’s best players.

The World Cup has always had a special place for soccer co-captain Patrick Beusse ‘15 since he attended the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This year’s games will be a bit different for him since he’ll be in the US this summer.

“Watching games live is awesome because you’re in the stands with people from all over who all love the same game. Watching on TV is equally amazing but for different reasons. You get to watch with friends and family and share the excitement with people you know,” Beusse said.