Inklinations: What are your plans for March Madness?


“I’m going to watch as many games as I can, especially the good ones, and try to follow my bracket to see how well it does. I’m also gonna root for UNC and hope they’ll go far in the tourney.”

– Noah Prince ’15

“I made a couple different brackets with my friends and one with my family. I have money on all of them, so hopefully I win something.”

– Peter Blevins ’14

“I hope to watch as many games as I can, especially with my friends, so we can compete to see who’s doing better with their brackets, and ultimately just enjoy the games and hope for upsets.”

– Jack Greenwald ’14

“I’ll make a dope bracket, watch the games with my friends, and will be rooting for Arizona the whole way through.”

– Jake Melnick ’15

“I’m a part of a bracket tournament from my dad’s office. I’ll also constantly be watching the games because my family literally has it on the TV 24/7.”

– Maggie Fair ’15