There’s No I In Team


The Boys’ Cross Country Team huddle before their race.

From pasta dinners to sleepovers, Staples sports teams know how to bond. It’s no secret that the best teams are the closest, so that must mean our teams do a lot of bonding.

“Team bonding is really important. We like to do a lot of things together as a team in order to get to know each other better and help further our success,” said girls varsity field hockey player Jamie Tanzer ’15.

However, besides the usual pasta dinners and practice, the team has done many more exciting activities such as taking a field trip to the Discovery Museum Adventure Park and competing against each other in scavenger hunts.

Though all the Staples sports teams do a lot of bonding, some teams are closer than others.

Girls varsity volleyball player Elizabeth Knoll ’15 said, “ I would say volleyball is one of the closest teams at Staples. All of the girls are so enthusiastic and supportive regardless of each other’s position or grade.”

Other than spending everyday after school together, the girls bond at their annual events such as the SGVB car wash and Jamboree to help kick off the season.

Volleyball isn’t the only team that thinks they’re really close.

Girls’ varsity soccer captain Gea Mitas ’14 said, “It is still really early in the season but I think that our team is very close compared to others.During the first week of the season, we all had a team sleepover and that was really fun just because we all got to know each other on a higher level rather than on the field.”

Though it seems that girls are more into team bonding then boys, that is definitely not the case at Staples. Boys varsity cross country runner Oliver Hickson ’15 said, “We do a lot of team bonding since we spend all our afternoons together, so we talk about everything and we always ask each other for advice.”

Along with the boys cross-country team, the boys water polo team is all about team bonding.

“Our favorite things to do as a team are go out to breakfast together or have team barbecues. We also love to joke around and make fun of each other,” said junior varsity player Jack Schenk ’16.

There’s no doubt that Staples is packed with tons of talented teams made up of amazing athletes. However, none of these teams could be nearly as successful if they didn’t have a strong bond.

“I think our close bond gives us a pretty special dynamic that has untimely led us to the incredible performances we reflect in our games,” Knoll said.