Trading in Cleats for Cars: Girls Varsity Soccer Makes the Motorcade


The girls’ varsity soccer team battles it out against Fairfield Ludlowe with a winning score of 1-0.

On Friday, September 20th, most Staples students will be focused on just one thing – the big homecoming football game. The energy of the game, the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the excitement of the afternoon are contagious, especially after five thrilling days of Spirit Week.

Even sports teams with their own important games make homecoming a priority. One such team is girls’ varsity soccer, who rescheduled their game against Bridgeport Central High School in order to have more time to prepare for Friday night’s homecoming game.

According to Addy Fowle ’15, the game was pushed back to 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon so that the seniors would be able to participate in the motorcade prior to homecoming.

“It doesn’t seem [like] that much of a difference,” said Fowle. “But the games take forever, so it will be.”

Fowle added that the members of the team are happy about the change because it gives them more time to get ready for the big night.

“Everyone just wanted to be able to enjoy homecoming without being pressed for time, because you have to shower and everything after the game,” said Fowle.

Athletic Director Marty Lisevick explained that the team’s captains approached him and asked if their game could be moved from 4:00 pm to 3:30 pm so that they could be part of the motorcade. This was a very manageable request. In fact, both the girls’ varsity volleyball game and varsity swim meet were moved to 3:30 as well.

Lisevick said that unlike in previous years, this year’s homecoming day will not revolve solely around football.

“This year is different. We want to get as many contests at home [as we can], so it will be more of a school-wide deal and not just one football game,” said Lisevick. “This way we have the three contests during the day and football at night.”

Regardless of the time change, members of the varsity team encourage people to show some of their Staples spirit and come support them at their game this Friday.