Elizabeth Knoll ’15 Named the Westport News Athlete of the Week

Elizabeth Knoll ’15 Named the Westport News Athlete of the Week

Staples student Elizabeth Knoll ’15 was recently named Athlete of the Week after winning the high jump by clearing 5-4 at the FCIAC championships that took place in Danbury on May 21, where the Wreckers won the team title.

“It felt incredible to win in high jump at FCIACS,” Knoll said. “The competition was extremely fierce, so to out-jump the girls who had beaten me in the regular season felt pretty sweet…the best part was being able to contribute to the success of the team becoming FCIAC Champs.”

Teammate Tessa Mall ’15 explained that Knoll’s positive influence on the team keeps them motivated. “She is a really supportive and motivating teammate who cares not only about how she does, but how everyone else does and how the team does overall,” Mall said.

Knoll’s coach, Cari Moore, echoed Mall’s praises. “Elizabeth is a great athlete. She contributes to the team in more ways than simply scoring points. She is not only a high point scorer, but many of the other girls look up to her as a role model and inspiring teammate,” she said.

Moore also explained that Knoll  sets an example not only in her behavior, but also in her ability to listen and apply criticism well. “She is one of the most coachable athletes we have. She can take any advice I give and make the change effectively,” she said.

Knoll first became interested in track at a young age and was inspired by Olympic athletes, as well as her father.

“I first became obsessed with track watching the Athens Olympic Games in my living room with my dad, who also did track in high school. I was amazed at how far the body and mind could be pushed and what incredible things humans can do,” she explained.

Many would be surprised to know that Knoll only took up high jump a couple of years ago and was hesitant to do so at first.

“I actually was scared to try high jumping because the bar looked so intimidating, but my friend convinced me to try it and I ended up placing first in the our middle school division,” she said.

Knoll offered advice to others seeking success on and off of the track, saying, “You can’t rely on someone else to carry you to success, you have to fight for it yourself and the win will follow.”