Staples Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team Plays Weston in First Scrimmage of the Season

“1, 2, 3, Staples!” The team screamed as they put their hands in the circle and then flung them out energetically, starting their season with this quick ritual before running onto the field in a blur of blue and white pinnies.

The chill in the air could not deter the Staples Girls Varsity Lacrosse team’s excitement on Ginny Parker Field Friday afternoon at 3:45 as they played in a scrimmage against Weston High School. As snow flurries tumbled through the air, the game below continued on with an exciting first quarter.

The Weston Girls Varsity team scored twice only minutes after the start of the game.  Staples was undiscouraged, however, as Jenna McNicholas ’15 fought back against Weston and prevented some shots as they continued to come down the field. Ryan Kirshner ’13 did the same, putting her impressive defensive skills on display by stealing the ball during many Weston players’ attempts to score.

Although there were not many fouls in the game, Weston later got called out for one as Kirshner was pushed to the ground by one of its players. Krishner threw to player #6, who then was assisted by McNicholas in scoring for Staples.

High-fives were given all around as the girls celebrated their first goal of the game, but they soon got right back into business.

Weston’s teamwork and coordination didn’t faze the Staples goalie, player #28, who continued to block multiple shots in a row with determination and skill.

Kirshner was a key contributor to the team and scored multiple points for the team throughout the game. Alli April ’13 played strong defense throughout the game and prevented many opportunities for potential point gain for Weston.

Weston’s quick goals in the first quarter were no indication of success for their team; Staples continued to score and ended the game with a five point lead as Weston fell behind in the second half.

Although an official score was not kept because the teams were playing in a scrimmage and not a formal game, Staples started off their season the right way when they finished the game with an 8-3 win.

If the Wreckers continue this way, then this season is looking to be just as successful as last, when Staples Girls Lacrosse qualified for FCIAC and ended their season with a 9-1 FCIAC record and a 13-3 overall record.