Varsity Boys Basketball Wrecks Wilton

Staples fans cheer on their boys basketball squad vs Wilton tuesday night

Staples fans cheer on their boys basketball squad vs Wilton tuesday night

Eliza Yass, Web Opinions Editor

After a close game, varsity boy’s basketball beat Wilton 54-49. With 8 wins and 5 losses this season, this win was a colossal; the top 8 teams in Fairfield County make the FCIAC tournament and the win pushed Staples into the seventh seed, passing Wilton.


Captain James Frusciante, ’13, was a key player in last night’s game with 17 points and 7 assists.


“I think we played really well as a team and got contributions from everyone. Our team defense was really good all night and I think we did a great job on defending their shooters,” Frusciante said.


“I thought the team played great. We were really prepared and knew this was a big game for us. People came off the bench and stepped in and had an impact on the game,” Ross Whelan, ’13 said.


Whelan added 10 points to the game.


Clearly, the seniors weren’t the only ones to shine. Sophomore Jake Melnick played smoothly along side his older teammates and he contributed some great assists to the game.


“I thought that we were able to play great defense and get them out of their rhythm which was one of our goals going into the game,” he said.


With a very close first half, the boys managed to step up their game and take the lead in the second half. They achieved a 4-point lead in the third quarter that slowly grew as the fourth approached.


Darryle Wiggins, ’14, felt he didn’t achieve his personal best but his teammates played well.


“To be honest, I didn’t think I played so great tonight, definitely could have played better, but we are a deep team and had others step up and tonight was a big win for everyone,” he said.


Nevertheless, the boys managed to come out on top against Wilton. Thus proving that Staples is the home of the better navy-blue and white-clad athletes.