Oklahomecoming: Scheduling Conflicts Make for a Chaotic Day


Every year, students  go all out in full blue-and-white attire, paint their faces, and constantly scream cheers down to the players at the Homecoming football game. In another annual tradition, students purchase their tickets to see the Staples Players’ fall musical. But this year, many will have to plan their time to accommodate the celebrations surrounding Homecoming and the theatricalities of the Players’ production, as the two events are both set to take place on Saturday, Nov 10.

According to Athletic Director Marty Lisevick, Homecoming was not always planned to be so late in the year or on the same day as the Players’ production. Originally, the game was to take place in mid-October, but upon receiving a call from the superintendent, Lisevick was informed that that weekend was also an ACT testing weekend. The game had to be moved, and Lisevick was not left with many options.

According to Lisevick, a game against Stamford’s Westhill High School was already scheduled to take place on Friday, Nov 9. That date seemed to be the only other option for Homecoming, but the administration wouldn’t allow Homecoming to be a night game. After switching the date a few times, Lisevick finalized the date to be Nov. 10—the opening weekend for the Players production of “Oklahoma!”

According to Players director David Roth, the musical has always taken place on the two weekends before Thanksgiving, and having the events on the same day will now mean that the cast and crew cannot fully participate in Homecoming.

After speaking to various Players, it was found that, although many performers are not thrilled with the way the timing worked out, the seniors and freshmen in “Oklahoma!” are the most displeased with the planning. Danielle Frost ’13 explained that although she is thrilled to be in the show, she is not happy that she will likely be missing much of Homecoming as a senior.

“We don’t get to enjoy Homecoming festivities with the rest of our graduating class, and as seniors, I think that it is something we should be able to participate in without any unchangeable conflict,” Frost said.

However, some of the Players were able to keep an optimistic outlook. Claire Smith ’15 said that while it is true that timing is not ideal, but going to Homecoming that morning might actually liven her up and get her pumped for her performance that night.

Members of the football team agree that the timing is unfortunate. “I think it’s a shame that the attendance at both will be affected,” said Kevin Kearney ’13, one of the captains of the team.

While many may feel unhappy about the planning of Homecoming and “Oklahoma!,” it is still possible to attend Homecoming in the morning and then the production in the evening.

“Since Homecoming isn’t during an actual performance of ‘Oklahoma!,’ I don’t think it will hurt either of the events. But it’s a lot in one weekend and seems like pretty unforunate planning,” Taylor Jacobs ’14 said.