Five ways to forge ahead through winter fitness

Five ways to forge ahead through winter fitness

Kacey Hertan, Business Manager

As days get colder and sunsets earlier, working out becomes more difficult. Scenic jogs are much less appealing as weather turns from 60s to 30s and stationary workout equipment seems monotonous for many. However, there are many fun activities to keep Westporters active and, many times, out of the cold.

  1. Ice skating

Winter is not only the best time, but also the only time for Westporters to take advantage of Longshore’s ice rink. Ice skating is a great way to socialize while getting out of the house and the Netflix rabbit hole. Although those who don’t have the best balance may need a few laps holding the railing before getting the hang of it, ice skating is a relatively simple sport. Skate rental and a daily pass cost only $15. Although skating is outdoors, it gives skaters the perfect excuse for a warm cup of cocoa.

2. Trampolining

Trampolining is fantastic way to burn fast calories in any season, but in winter it’s even better because it is indoors and away from the cold. An hour and a half at Trumbull’s Rockin’ Jump costs only $20 ($22 if socks need to be purchased). Anyone can bounce on a trampoline and trampoline parks offer endless entertainment with dodge ball rings, foam pits, and lots and lots of trampolines.


3. Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing can’t compare with the thrill of climbing outdoors, but it’s still an awesome way to get the adrenaline pumping and muscles moving. Rock Climb Fairfield regularly changes their courses and has wide variety of climbs to fit every skill level. It takes less than an hour to become certified as a belay, which is an impressive skill to add to the resume as well. Student climbing costs $15 for a one day pass.


4. Soul Cycle

If you love blasting music and sweating profusely, soulcycle is for you. Trained instructors allow teach you how to engage your upper body while also cycling non stop for an hour. The free water bottle is a nice touch too. Classes are more expensive than other winter fitness alternatives, costing $35 per class.


5.  Zumba

Zumba is perfect for those who want more than just fitness out of an exercise class. You get to shake and shimmy and burn calories all at once. The latin-inspired dance is a fun and difficult work out for even the best of athletes. Plus, you’ll learn some smooth dance moves as well. Joining the zumba class at the YMCA costs members $85.