Students long for the Beauty of Spring

Students long for the Beauty of Spring

Chase Gornbein, Benjamin Foster, Staff Writer

What in God’s name makes spring so special? Is it the blooming of wildflowers in small spurts, watching their petals flex outwards and extend beyond their stem, or is it the chirping of cardinals and blue jays as they look for worms and beetles to bring to their youth.

Some people may already be caught up with summertime arrangements. Whether it be packing for summer camps, longing for the sun to bash against one’s skin in hopes of catching a tan or anxiously counting down the days till school ends.

But let’s take in Spring while it lasts. It’s truly the only season where one could be wearing layers upon layers of clothing, or they could be sweating bullets amidst an unexpected heat wave.

It’s this uncertainty that people admire as the beauty of Spring.

Brandon Harrington ’17 is an advocate for the capricious weather that Connecticut experiences during Spring.

“The weather is unpredictable, some days I will be wearing shorts to school, then the next day I will show up with a pullover on. I love this type of weather.”

In April, continuous rainfall and groggy weather have since melted away the snow and ice, leaving behind few, if any remnants of winter.

However, many people approve of this unpleasant weather, because they are familiar with the commonly known phrase: April showers bring May flowers.

James Lewis ’16 is willing to withstand the rainy weather, knowing that the final product is something of sheer beauty.

“Even though the rainy weather is a drag, it’s all worth it in the end because the springtime produces the best looking plants and nature,” Lewis said.

Connor Mathewson ’16 considers Spring to be his favorite season because of the natural beauty that he gets to take in during every aspect of his day.

“I like the miraculous colors that surround me as I drive down the road. And I love how when I step outside, I am greeted with the cool breeze on an otherwise comfortably cool day,” Mathewson said.

Who even knows what the weather is going to be like tomorrow? Whatever it ends up being, remember, it’s all beauty.

Whether it’s an 80 degree beach day, laying in the sun, or a bike ride through a cool and light breeze, June 20th marks the end of Spring, take advantage of the wonders this season has to offer while it lasts.