VOSS Water sparks interest in Staples students

VOSS Water sparks interest in Staples students

Kit Epstein , Web Opinions Editor

VOSS Water hit Staples’ cafeteria early last week, sparking question and excitement from the Staples community. According to vosswater.com,  “VOSS Artesian Water from Norway comes from an aquifer in the pristine natural environment of Southern Norway, producing pure water like no other.”

The Staples Cafeteria now sports three different water brands: VOSS, Dasani, and Smartwater– which seems unnecessary to several Staples students.

“We already have perfectly good water in the cafeteria and we have places all over the school to fill up your own water bottle. It seems a little impractical to add another water, especially because its so expensive,” Addy Fowle ’15 said.

Water fountains are installed all over the school, with more than two on every floor.

Underclassmen at Staples also have similar opinions to Fowle when it comes to VOSS’s new appearance.

“We don’t need it. Water is water. I bought VOSS once and it didn’t taste any different, it’s totally unnecessary,” Justine Shikowitz ’17 said.

Although Shikowitz says that VOSS tastes no different than other water, the company’s website boasts that “VOSS is recognized as one of the world’s purest bottled waters with only 44 TDS ppm parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids. This is a significantly lower TDS count than most other major water brands, giving VOSS its pure, clean taste.”

Although Shikowitz and Fowle both agree on VOSS being unecesarry, other Staples students feel that VOSS is a perfect addition to the Staples Caf.

“I think it’s great that we finally have Artesian water in our cafeteria. It was about time with the lack of nutrients supplied by Smartwater and Dasani brands,” said Reece Armstrong ’16. “I believe a greater supplement of vitamins will greatly enrich culture throughout the Staples community.”