Five ice bucket challenges that make a splash


Jenna McNicholas, Staff Writer

If you’ve been on Facebook at least once in the past couple of weeks, you’ve definitely seen, probably watched, and possibly liked, the multitudes of ice bucket challenge videos to raise awareness for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig disease, being posted and shared.

The phenomenon caught on almost as quickly as the polar plunge, both epidemics having swept through the social media pages of every Staples student.

Although all of the posted videos have helped to raise the 106 million dollars to fund ALS research, a few videos in particular have earned some well-deserved praise, and likes.

1. Coach P’s:

Seeing Coach P get ice cold water dumped on him for ALS awareness is almost as fun as it would be to see him get light blue Gatorade dumped on him after winning a state championship game .

2. Anyone that was nominated by their mom:

Hearing the words, “I’d like to thank… my mom… for the nomination,” will never not be hilarious.

3. Families that did it together:

The phrase “strength in numbers” definitely applied to the ALS videos.  The more people in the video, the funnier they were, especially when it was an entire family doing it together.  Some families that participated were the Frost’s, the Cohen’s, and the Kobylinski’s.

4. Celebrities:

It’s really interesting to see celebrities being themselves and not portraying their character from a television show or movie (especially if they were doing it without a shirt on).

Note to self:  Watch Chris Hemsworth’s video

5. Videos where something random and funny happens:

For example, the person gets hit by an ATV or accidentally gets electrocuted.

Who knew that Mark Zuckerberg would not only make millions of dollars off of his social media page, but he would also create a platform that would raise millions of dollars for people in need, and entertain even more millions in the process.