Have an App-y New Year with the best of 2014

Have an App-y New Year with the best of 2014

From oldies-but-goodies to up-and-comers, the App Store offers a variety of apps promising to serve consumers’ every need. In fact, according to Forbes, the App Store is about to hit its one millionth app.

No one has the time to scroll through thousands of pages of software offerings, but, luckily, the pros have done that for you. Here are some of the most promising apps of 2014.

Many tech-savvy students use the MyStaples app to keep track of their homework. But there’s a more convenient way to store your information — the free Evernote app for Android and iOS.

Evernote lets users take notes and photos, create to-do lists and voice reminders, and sync tasks across all of their devices to stay organized throughout the day.

Current Evernote user Noelle Adler ‘15 predicts that the app’s popularity will increase this upcoming year because it makes it so easy to organize and sync information.

“[It saves me] the hassle of having to use Word and go into my Y-drive and download my notes,” Adler said.

Another app perfect for staying organized is Pocket, available for free on iOS and Android. Pocket allows users to save web links to view later all in one place, even without an Internet connection. Links saved to Pocket can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and can even be shared with your friend’s Pocket – so everyone in your Euro group can access that webpage.

 Speaking of staying on task, everyone needs a little help staying focused now and then. Fortunately, there’s an app for that: 30:30, available on iOS for free. With 30:30, users can create personalized to-do lists and set them to a timer that breaks the list up into 30-minute tasks.

“Sometimes when you have a lot of big projects to do, it can get overwhelming, but if you break it into smaller segments it becomes a lot easier,” Kathryn Bangser ’15 said.

Another new app puts a fresh twist on a classic idea. The free app Wickr is basically the new Snapchat, but better because it enables users to send PDFs and images, even from a Google doc or a camera roll. Plus, it’s safe because senders decide who sees what and for how long.

Megan Nuzzo ’15 predicts that Wickr will be a hit because it allows users to send pictures already stored on their phones.

“I think Wickr will be really popular because it’s reworking an app that is already available,” Nuzzo said.

Even with all of these productivity apps, the workload this time of year can be stressful. To manage your stress and stay positive, download the free Breathe2Relax app.

The app, available on iOS and Android, is full of breathing techniques designed to manage anxiety. If the hundreds of five star customer ratings are any indication, Breathe2Relax is sure to help you relax and breathe easy.

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to be more productive or more social, these apps will certainly help you achieve your goals. Download away!