Craft fanatics from Fairfield County enjoy looking at a variety of items at Craft Westport

People begin to arrive at the entrance of Craft Westport in Staples High School.

Photo by Natasha Taubenheim '22

People begin to arrive at the entrance of Craft Westport in Staples High School.

Natasha Taubenheim '22, Staff Writer

Craft Westport booths lined the Staples High School cafeteria as crowds of Westport residents gathered on the mornings of Nov. 9 and 10. These booths set up by a variety of companies showcased items such as accessories, jewelry, functional and sculptural works, fine art painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, food and more.

Craft Westport is one of Connecticut’s most popular indoor fine craft events that features 175 top American craft artists. The event is organized by the Westport Young Women’s League

“This is my seventh year participating in Craft Westport,” Oshaine Johnson, a vendor in the event said. “It is one of Westport’s most successful events and the shoppers who come here are very serious and interested in art.”

For 44 years, Craft Westport has donated the money raised annually to local charitable organizations. It is a successful event due to the money that it raises for important causes and the joy it brings to local residents of Westport.

Not only did shoppers enjoy looking at the booths, but vendors expressed their feelings toward Craft Westport and why they think it’s important. “This is only my first year participating in Craft Westport and I think it’s a perfect way to get local customers to find out about Bella’s,” Alyssa, a worker for Bella’s Home Baked Goods said. 

The craft show was a success as they raised a large amount of money and many people showed up. Locals expect the event to occur again next year, and are excited for more crafts and items of interest to appear. 

“I enjoyed this event very much,” Samir Mott ’22 said. “I hope to go again next year and see more companies that sell interesting items.”