Season two of “All American” starts off with a bang

All American season two will be released on October 7th at 8pm on CW.

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All American season two will be released on October 7th at 8pm on CW.

Lucy Zuckerman ’22

Football, drama and romance all come together to create “All American,” a total touchdown in the entertainment industry.
When the American TV show, “All American,” aired on CW and Netflix, in October of 2018, I was initially not interested in watching it. Sports shows are not what I usually enjoy. But I heard people raving about it, so I decided to watch it.
Based on a true story, the show is full of drama, and it is about the struggles the main character, Spencer James, faces. The news that a new season was coming out on Oct. 7, 2019 sparked my attention right away. I quickly watched the first season and I’m glad I did. It would be very difficult to watch if you have never seen the first season. The show has to be watched consecutively, or else it will make zero sense.
James goes through a ton of drama in the first season and all of that drama carries into the second season. There are issues dealing with which football team James should play for, an affair between his parents and other basic teen problems.
In the first season, James is given the opportunity to play for the Beverly Hills High School football team, which results in him living far away from his mother and brother. His other option is to play for South Crenshaw, where his father, who he was never close with, is the head coach.
It ends up that Beverly Hills is a better opportunity for him, because James will be able to be seen by other schools due to the popularity of Beverly High. But then, James’s mother, Grace James, had an affair with the head coach at Beverly, creating even more of a conflict. There is also a relationship forming between James, and the popular girl at school. There is a sufficient amount of conflict, which makes you want to continue to watch.
The second season starts off with James finally ready to leave Beverly High and transfer to South Crenshaw. Throughout the episode, he hesitates to tell his teammates that he is leaving because he is still struggling with his decision. Does he leave to be with his father? Does he stay to win another championship?
Anyone who watches this show will get attached; frankly, it is hard not to. The end of “Hussle & Motivate” leaves you wanting more. Once the second episode came out, I immediately watched it. The suspense “All American” creates is very addicting, making me ecstatic for the new episodes.
The balance of this show is great, as there is not too much of one specific idea. The directors targeted all audiences by using drama, but balancing it out with sports.
I would recommend “All American” to everyone, no matter what age, gender or interests you have. The directors set up the second season very well, so I am excited to watch the following episodes of the new season to see how the drama unfolds.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 out of 5)