Students decide their themed after party


Ashton Dedona, Staff Writer

With the first dances of the year around the corner, such as Counties and Red and Whites, students put a lot of thought into this long process.

Picking out dresses and getting a tux fitted as well as ordering a corsage and boutonniere for your dates may seem like some of the biggest decisions, but to a lot of students, it’s all about what happens after the dances.

After almost every dance, students organize and host their own after-party. These parties following the dance are well planned out from everything up to the theme, which is the biggest deciding factor among those attending.

Beach Themed
Beach themed may be the most unoriginal to students considering it is seen at least once after almost every dance, but it is effortless and affordable if you’re looking for a last minute idea. “I love wearing my bathing suit because it makes me feel like I’m on vacation,” Thea Petta ’17.

Hippie Themed
Hippie themed might be pushing it for some, but if done right, it may be the most colorful and creative idea. “I love the 60’s so I’m really excited to be able to travel back in time,” said Zach Edelman ’17.

Camo Themed
Camo themed is a fun and easy go to when it comes to finding outfits and decorations. “I feel like you can find so many camo things, so it’s so easy,” Grace Wynn ’17.

Beach, hippie and camo are just a few of the handful of agreed upon themes for the students. After the mutual decision is made, students can continue their list of preparations for their upcoming dances.