Pitch Perfect sequel fails to deliver

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Greta Bjornson , Staff Writer

Pitch Perfect seemed to have it all: hilarious jokes, great music and an original plot line.

Unfortunately, its sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, does not deliver the same caliber.

The plot of the second film is a slightly tweaked copy of the first, as Beca (Anna Kendrick) and the Barden Bellas are once again disrespected and have to prove that they’re talented. The film begins with their performance for President Obama, but Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) suffers a wardrobe malfunction while flying in on a trapeze and the group is stripped of its glory and recognition. The film follows their feud with German group Das Sound Machine and their second round of clawing their way back to the top of the acapella world.

The film does attempt to differentiate itself from its prequel by bringing in Emily, a new Bella played by Hailee Steinfeld. However, the focus on Emily left less time for favorites of the first movie like Jesse (Skylar Astin) and Bumper (Adam DeVine). The original’s jokes seemed to fall flat this time around, like Lily’s (Hana Mae Lee) bizarre whisperings and the acapella reporting team of Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins. The music of the film pales in comparison to the original’s soundtrack, as the numbers were overly flashy.

Despite the disappointing aspects, I was thrilled to see Keegan-Michael Key play the role of Beca’s boss at her internship. He fit the role perfectly and brought laughs when ordering around his employees and producing Snoop Dogg’s Christmas album (yes, Snoop Dogg does make a cameo). Fat Amy also delivered, particularly when she performed an epic solo of “We Belong” while balancing on a raft in a lake.

Pitch Perfect 2 undoubtedly has its flaws, but it is sure to appease a god chunk of loyal viewers. I would never rush back to watch it again, but the film was tolerable.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5