Top 5 homemade Mother’s Day gifts

Top 5 homemade Mothers Day gifts

1.Breakfast in Bed

The best way to start was to bring your mom a tray of coffee, creamer, and a spoon to stir. It was also a good idea to adorn the breakfast try with a hand-picked flower, a glass of orange juice, and a personalized card.

2. Baked treats

While this gift requires a fair amount of planning, the end result is worth the toil. You could prepare treats the night before and stow them in freezer, or  you could prepare them during the day.

It was also advisable to do a little digging to find just the right recipe for the occasion. Certain websites, like Pinterest or Parentmap , have articles devoted to Mother’s Day treats with recipes ranging from “sprinkle sweet bits” to “tasty bouquets” of cookies decorated as fresh spring flowers.

3. Painted coffee mug

A good coffee mug is a necessity for all coffee lovers, and a personalized one makes it all the more special.

While going to Hands On Pottery (located in Fairfield, CT) may have been the most practical way of going about this, you could have also paint a mug at home. To do so, you should have purchased a pre-molded ceramic mug; ceramic paint; a paint palette; top coat; and brushes of varying sizes and thickness.

4. Coupons

Moms are infamous for finding faults around the house, whether it be a untidy room, dirty shoes left in the kitchen, or dishes left outside the sink (to name a few). Take the time to write out coupons for some of these pet peeves (although you probably won’t have enough paper to list them all) that will ensure your cooperation.

Coupons, while simple to make, are special because they are a tangible promise for the future and are an expression of affection and even humor.

5. Scrapbook  

A scrapbook is sentimental and creative. Even better, it can be as intricate or as simple as you make it.

Get crafty and creative: find any stickers, vibrant markers, colorful construction paper, glitter, colored pencils, or fancy paper-cutters that will best allow you to personalize the scrapbook.