Sunny styles forecasted for spring


Emma Rhoads

Eliza Yass, Web Opinions Editor

I think we can all safely say we’re ready for our winter clothes, although so flattering and comfy, to go back into the attic next to all of the middle school fashion faux pas that never deserve to see the light of day again (i.e gauchos, fluorescent sugar lips, and Abercrombie everything). These snow days have been wonderful, but it’s time for sunshine, flowers, new beginnings and all the delightful things that come with spring– including new fashion trends. Now, this new season doesn’t require a “What Not To Wear” style closet exchange- just a few new pieces to help acclimate to the warmer weather (in style, of course).

1) Pastels

Although pastels are a universal spring staple, this year they’ll get a twist. Go all-out pastel by picking one color scheme and incorporating it into a few different pieces of your outfit. For example, if you’re a blue kind of girl, go for a pair of super pale blue jeans, with a more saturated top and a vibrant handbag. Pastels can be amped up with icier, shiny hues and split up with simple colors like white and nude. If you’re looking for some great pastel pants, AG makes every color imaginable. And boys, don’t feel left out! Pastel pants and gingham, collared shirts are an easy, trendy way to brighten up your spring looks too!

2) Tea-Length Skirts

Of course it’s always nice to show off your toned legs after months of hibernation but this spring, smodesty is key. Tea length is defined by Glamour magazine as “[Falling] about three to four inches below the knee.” Students should aim for just below the knee to the mid-calf area for an appropriate, but youthful look.  “I’m so sick of always wearing the same short skirts. It’s fun to mix it up sometimes with longer ones,” Brooke Berlin ’14 said. Although it seems that women’s trends are getting longer and more modest, men seem to be baring more skin when spring rolls around. “I like rockin’ the short sleeve and tie when the weather gets warmer. But only if Bauks does it or Alex Miller…,” social studies teacher, Eric. Mongirdas, said.

3) Embellishments

Spring doesn’t always have to be sweet. If you’re a more rebellious dresser, you’re in luck because everything from sweaters to jeans are being embellished this season. Designers like Philip Lim and Tibi showcased bedazzle-clad models this previous fashion week. Pair a light sweater with embellishments along the neckline with a pair of jeans for an effortless look for school or a skirt for nighttime. “I generally stay away from any studs or stones but I’d like to test them out this spring in a less in-your-face way,” Lauren Raifaisen ’14 said. If embellishments seem a little frightening, start by trying out clothes with a little bit of beading detail, then work your way up to bolder embellishments. Just remember- if you suddenly feel like you’ve gained a few extra pounds when you got dressed this morning, your embellishments have probably hit overload.

So, take off those black sweaters, retire your favorite Frye’s and open up your heart and closet to spring!