The survival guide to finding the perfect Counties dress


First it was finding the date, now it’s finding the dress.

The “Girls class of ’15” Facebook group is often updated with pictures of girls claiming Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress, Disney princess dresses, Ellen DeGeneres’ goose dress, and a dress imprinted with the faces of the One Direction members.

“The girls class of ’15 group started out legit but now it’s just a bunch of girls making bad jokes about a dance 3 months away,” Addy Fowle ’15 tweeted. She received 26 favorites.

At this point, a notification from “Girls class of ’15” Facebook group from your classmate posting a picture of her in a flawless dress can give you major anxiety. But have no fear, these tips will help you find the ideal Counties dress:

1) Choose a store that fits your style

Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, Winged Monkey, Nordstrom and are this year’s five most popular places to buy counties dresses. Most girls are choosing dresses that are fitted up top and flowy towards the bottom.

Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s & Nordstrom (Department Stores): Lord & Taylor has some of the most popular Formal and Evening dresses with simple, yet stylish dark solid colored evening gowns. Most of these dresses are sleeveless, the dresses that are not usually have a slit up to the mid calf. There also is a holiday special online, free 2-day shipping.

Lord & Taylor offers dresses by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Annie Klein, Guess and the store Free People. These designers usually offer a modern and sophisticated style, while the store Free People has mainly vintage clothing.

Now, if you’re looking for something that is not as plain, Bloomingdale’s gowns have more designs like sequin prints, studs, beaded dresses and metallic. This store also has a variation of designers such as BCBGMAXAZRIA, DKNY, and Ralph Lauren. BCBGMAXAZRIA has more revealing gowns, such as cutout gowns, fitted lace-back gown, and deep v-neck dresses. DKNY and Ralph Lauren have more simple, but fitted dresses.

But like many, if you desire that classic counties style, it’s time to check Formal and Bridal dresses from Nordstrom. The formal dresses offers trends like beaded and sequin, leather and faux leather, body-con dresses, prints and lace. Many of Bridal dresses are one color and fitted up top, usually strapless, and flowy towards the bottom.

Winged Monkey & Prom Girl: This store is conveniently located in Westport and also online, but does not have a wide range of long dresses. There is a tab for only prom dresses, and there is another just for dresses. Although Winged Monkey does have dresses with a combination of different designs with colors like “electric purple,” “jungle green,” and “midnight blue”. has a wide range of different dresses for different occasions. The occasion “long prom” has the most popular counties dresses. This is probably the best site if you don’t have a specific style in mind.

2) Find a price range

The price of a dress can get really high, really fast. Choose your dress accordingly, stores like Bloomingdale’s and have the most expensive dresses. Prices on their dresses can go up to $800, and the lowest price is around $200. Nordstrom, however, has dresses that can be as low as $80.

According to, 35% of parents plan to spend $100-$200 on their child’s prom dress, and 25% plan to spend $251-$500, and 10% plan to spend $501-$1,000. Keep in mind that the average girl spends $170 on her dress.

3) Don’t wait last minute to buy your dress

You order your dress and the bust, waist and hips size are all off, and counties is next week. This is the time to panic. The earlier you buy your dress the more time you have to change the size, color, or even the dress itself. Having your dress first, also means you can claim the dress as yours.

With these tips you are one step closer to finding your ideal counties dress.