“Catching Fire” flickers


This is one of the logos for “Catching Fire”

If the upcoming film adaption of “Catching Fire” is anything like “The Hunger Games,” Staples students will flock to theaters on Nov. 22nd.

While many students argue that there has been noticeably less hype around the second movie, some continue to remain faithful to the best-selling book series.

“I’m really excited for ‘Catching Fire,’” Sara Banbury ’14 said. “My friend and I have actually had plans to see the midnight premier for months now.”

Banbury has seen the first movie and found both the acting and directing to be spectacular, especially in terms of staying true to the novel.

“The shaky camera was a little weird. Other than that I loved everything else, and I hope the second one will be just as good,” Banbury said.

Similarly, Haley Randich ’14 considers herself a huge “Hunger Games” fanatic. On a scale of 1 to 10 in of terms interest in the series, 1 being little to no interest and 10 being obsession, Randich would rate herself an 8. Had it not been for the third book of the series, which most people agree didn’t nearly measure up to the first or second, she would rate herself a solid 10.

Randich is definitely going to see “Catching Fire” the night it comes out, and believes the second movie will be even better than the first.

“There is a lot more for the actors and directors to play with in this storyline,” Randich said. “Plus, the new arena looks great in the trailer and I’m really excited about all the new characters.”

Yet, unlike Ranich and Banbury, a vast majority of students didn’t like “Catching Fire,” and some haven’t even read it.

Daisy Laska ’16 only read the first book of the series, and while she enjoyed it, her obsession ended there.

“Since the ‘Hunger Games’ phase was so long ago, I’ve basically lost interest at this point,” Laska said. “I don’t think I’ll be watching the upcoming movie.”

Laska believes there has been significantly less exposure and interest for both the second book and film. If “Catching Fire” turns out like most sequels to popular movies, Laska is certain it will be worse than the original “Hunger Games.”

“It would be hard to match the hype of the ‘Hunger Games’ movie,” Banbury said. “At this point, it’s more just people who really liked the series, rather than Belieber-esque enthusiasm.”