iPad 2 vs. Nook Color: Is the More Expensive Option Really the Better One?

After being released in November of 2010 at the price of $249, the Nook Color has been the “it” reading tablet to get. However, shortly after it came out, Apple released the iPad 2 on March 11, 2011 with prices starting at $499. As people scrambled to get Apples’ newest product, many wondered if the more expensive product was really worth it.

Having both used the Nook Color and the iPad 2, there are pros and cons for each electronic.

To start, the prices are vastly different. The Nook Color sells at the reduced price of $199 after being on the market for a year, while the cheapest iPad 2 starts out at $499. If you are on a money pinch but still want the experience of an e-reader tablet, then you should get the Nook Color.

Julia Turner ’15, who’s sister owns the Nook Color, agrees that price was good enough for her parents to buy her sister one.

“Yes, the price of the Nook Color was a factor when my parents were determining if they should get my sister the Nook Color,” Turner said.

That being said, you do get what you paid for. The Apple iPad 2 has over 500,000 apps to choose from (90,000 specifically for the iPad) while the Nook Color only has 729 apps available according to PCMAG.com.

Although, one thing the iPad 2 has going against it is its size and weight. The weight of the iPad 2 is 1.33 pounds, while the Nook Color only weighs 15.8 ounces. In addition, the screen size of the iPad 2 is 9.7 inches compared to the Nook Color at 7 inches, making it considerably smaller then the iPad 2.

Quincy Stein ’15, the proud owner of an iPad 2, says “the size of the iPad 2 does bother me. It’s too big and I don’t like how I feel everyone can see what I’m doing on it.

She says that while the iPad 2 has great content on it and a lot to offer, she much prefers the size of the Nook Color.

Nonetheless, the iPad 2 does have many great features that the Nook Color does not come with.

To start, the iPad 2 comes with front and rear cameras, while the Nook Color does not come with either. Also, the iPad 2 comes with bluetooth and is 3G optional (and comes with GPS if you choose to have 3G.) The Nook Color comes with none of that.

Also, I personally find the iPad 2 significantly easier to work with then the Nook Color.

I found the iPad 2 pretty easy to figure out. The touch screen was easy to use and the internet was very fast.

However, it took me considerable amount of time to figure out the Nook Color. The touch screen for me was hard to figure out at first (and I had to get my sister to help me.)

And if I cant figure out how to use the touch screen, I don’t think anyone will be able to.

In addition, the screen was uncomfortably dark for me even with the brightness up high.

So, if the price or size doesn’t bother you and you need an e-reader tablet, I say go for the iPad 2. With all the apps, user friendly features and fast internet, you won’t regret your choice.