David Pogue Presents Technology at Toquet Hall

David Pogue presents his favorite Web 2.0 websites. | Photo by Logan Rosen '12

On Monday, Mar. 21, David Pogue, an Emmy-award winning technology columnist for The New York Times, came to Toquet Hall in Westport, Conn., to demonstrate his favorite new products and websites.

Pogue used his MacBook Pro to show various websites that have Web 2.0, or modern functionaility.  Web 2.0 is defined as websites that allow more visitor interaction than static webpages.

The technology expert’s examples included Who is Sick?, a website that allows visitor input to show, on a map, where sick people are located.  Pogue explained how this can help parents take precautions with their children and even with themselves to have better hygiene when chronic sicknesses are being passed around.

Another site that Pogue recommended was DoMyStuff.com, a website that allows visitors to pay other people to do small tasks for them. Pogue explained how, with that website, he was able to contact someone to come to his house “every Friday” and perform cleanup tasks in his house.

Pogue’s presentation ended with twisted piano renditions of Broadway songs to reflect his interest in technology (see video).

When asked about the future of cloud-based computing, such as Google’s new Chrome OS operating system that is completely based on the Internet, Pogue said, “It’s not going to fly.”

The veteran technology guru believes that people still use desktop applications to manage their work on computers, and cloud-based computing will not be successful until everything is done on the Internet.