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What to do when corona affects your money

The stock market plummets and rises during the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Caroline Donohue '20, Business Director

March 19, 2020

Starting a few weeks ago, the stock market began rapidly plummeting in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Headlines across the world read how the stock market has not been this volatile since the downfall in 1987 and how Dow Jones has fallen thousands of points. In simple terms, people are freaking...

Stock market underperforms due to Coronavirus

The stock market has taken a detrimental hit as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, and while it has begun to return to normal in certain businesses, most markets are continuing to decline.

Karina Murray '22, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

The stock market is being negatively impacted by the spread of the novel Coronavirus, affecting many Staples students who own stocks.  “The Coronavirus wiped about the past four months of my gains in the span of a few days,” Brian Campbell ’20 said. “While I haven't technically lost any mon...

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