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Fairfield Ludlowe High School closes down within month of opening

Jack Dennison '21 and Jalen St.Fort ’22

September 28, 2020

Fairfield Ludlowe High School closed on Thursday for the remainder of the week after five students tested positive for COVID-19. Superintendent Mike Cummings stated that the school closed down after the administration received a phone call that multiple students tested positive for the virus.  ...

President Trump accepts Pelosi’s State of Union invitation

The U.S. Capitol shines at night, housing both the Senate chambers and House of Representatives chambers. President Trump will give his State of the Union Address from the House of Representatives chamber on Feb. 5 at 9:00pm EST. | Photo from Getty Images

Rachel Suggs '21

January 31, 2019

President Donald Trump accepted House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to give the 2019 State of the Union address, leaving Staples students with a variety of opinions. “During the government shutdown, when Pelosi and Trump were talking about whether or not the State of the Union Add...

Government shutdown begins as parties fail to compromise on budget

Government shutdown begins as parties fail to compromise on budget

January 21, 2018

By Ian Bernstein '18 The government was forced to shut down early Saturday morning after senators failed to agree on a short-term spending bill to keep the government funded. Only 50 senators voted in favor of the bill, according to The New York Times. The spending measure failed to earn the ...

How the government shutdown affects you

How the government shutdown affects you

Sophia Hampton, Features Editor

October 4, 2013

Due to Congress's failure to agree on a budget, the U.S. federal government has shut down certain functions. Bu what exactly does the shutdown mean, and how does it affect daily life? Click on the slideshow to find out more on how this federal shutdown has a local impact. // ...

Close up the shutdown

Close up the shutdown

Cadence Neenan, News Editor

October 1, 2013

To preface this article, I have to admit a fun-fact about me that could slant my bias on this subject: I’m a pretty hardcore liberal. A blue-state, feminist-ranting, been-compared-to-Hillary-Clinton-and-loved-it liberal. Continuing on. Last night, after a terrifyingly unsuccessful staring contest be...

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