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Rec basketball ends in heartbreak for seniors

Students played basketball at Compo beach to compensate for the loss of rec basketball.

Ethan Frank '20

March 23, 2020

“Who are you guys playing tonight?” is a common thing to hear among senior boys around the halls of Staples High School. Rec basketball is a staple among Westport youth basketball players and canceling the most important Thursday night of the winter sports calendar for some is a huge disappointme...

Lana Del Rey releases “Norman F*****g Rockwell!,” her best album yet

Lana Del Rey singing live at the 2017 Weenie Roast Festival in Carson, California.

Abby Fleming ’20

September 16, 2019

For two years, Lana Del Rey fans have been waiting for any signs of new music from her after the release of her 2017 album, “Lust for Life.” Our wait was finally over on Aug. 30 when “Norman F*****g Rockwell!” (NFR!) dropped. I think the wait has been more than worth it. The album shows Del...

Moody Forcasts

Due to ice, some schools are cancelled for the day because it can be dangerous. This excites many students, making them happy that they have a snow day. | Photo from

March 12, 2010

Sammie Hardy '11 Staff Writer Recently, the weather of Westport has thrown most residents off-guard. From the sudden snow-days in almost March and the surprising warm afternoons in late February, the weather really does have a mind of it’s own. Besides the obvious benefits like, cancellations...

Single’s Awareness Day

Photo courtesy of SXC

February 24, 2010

Joy Eisenberg ’10 Sports Editor At the beginning of January, I stopped in at CVS to buy the newest Cosmo, and what I saw was more surprising than the magazine’s “Top 10 Ways To Nail The Guy of Your Dreams”. Marked down santa hats, reindeer lawn decorations, and dreidel shaped chocolates l...

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