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Students React to Computerized Schedules

June 3, 2011

On Wed., June 1, the multi-decade tradition of Arena truly came to an end as students received computerized schedules after period 3 homerooms. Immediately after students received their schedules,...

The Spotlight on Stealing

December 22, 2010
Stealing is sometimes a prevalent issue in the Westport community.

Students Feel Conduct Codes Fail to Deter Illegal Behavior

November 12, 2010

Image via Wikipedia At the moment that a student who attends Staples High School is arrested by a local police officer, an enveloped report of the arrest is sent through the mail directly to the Superintendent...

Following the Rules

October 22, 2010

Students cannot be careless when making the ever-important decision about what to wear, even if they are half asleep. According to the Staples Handbook dress policy, “The school system requires that...

The Outcome and Future of the Re-registration Process

October 15, 2010
The re-registration process was deemed a success, but due to the labor intensive nature of the process, it is undecided as to if it will happen again in future years.

Senior Pretenders

June 23, 2010
Carly Schwaeber '12 looks at the career's all senior Players and their experiences throughout highschool.
The New ITL Center

Staples Updates Technology With New COWS, ITL Center

September 18, 2009
Staples has new COWS and a new ITL Center for the new year.
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