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Thomas Nealon
Thomas Nealon ’17 is a true Inklings pioneer. A native Bermudian, Nealon joins the Inklings staff as the first writer in Inklings history to hail from the small island of Bermuda. Nealon, an Inklings rookie, will look to learn the ropes quickly in order begin writing mainly sports and features for the web.

While Nealon may be a rookie in the world of journalism, he certainly does not lack experience on the soccer field. Playing the great game of “fútbol” since the age of four, he has built quite a reputation for himself as a stellar left back for the Beachside Soccer Academy. Even though Nealon “aspires” to play soccer in college, he is still squarely focused on getting the most out of his high school experience.

Aside from Advanced Journalism, you won’t find another “A” level class on Nealon’s transcript. With a huge course load of honors classes, he says he opted to add Inklings to his schedule because “I like the class, I like the community, and I like the camaraderie so I think I’ll enjoy it.”

With three younger siblings and a big sophomore year ahead of him, Nealon spends his free time reading “Sports Illustrated.” Nealon says that he does his best to emulate the writing found in the sports magazine, so be on the lookout for some articles up to snuff with the best in the business!

Thomas Nealon, Staff Writer

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