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Lulu Stracher
To say Lulu Stracher ‘17 has writing in her blood would be an understatement. Being the daughter of two published authors and the sister of Simon Stracher, former social media editor and writer for Inklings, Lulu has always been given the best opportunity to always improve her favorite subject in school, English. “I have always been reading their pieces of writing, and reading pieces that they recommend, and getting tips from them on how to improve my writing,” Stracher said.

To further improve her writing skills in preparation for her first year on the Inklings staff, Stracher decided to take a creative writing class in New York City this summer. Living in her grandparents’ apartment with her father, Lulu commuted by herself to her class where she learned the ins and outs of creative writing. This week-long course was a fantastic experience for the sophomore as she augmented her writing skills and her independence.

While writing plays a huge part in her life, Stracher also enjoys many other hoobies in life. In her free time she likes to play tennis, hang out with her friends, and spend time with her family. She also has strong connections to Camp Wicosuta, where she has gone each summer for the past six years. Overall, Lulu is excited to be a member of Inklings this year. “I think it’s really cool, that I’m able to write for my newspaper and be a part of something,” Stracher said. “I can’t wait to start writing.”

Lulu Stracher, Staff Writer

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Lulu Stracher