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Jack Zapfel
Standing at 5’8” and weighing 180 pounds, Jack Zapfel might not seem that different from many others at Staples.  But he is.  


“I’d say I’m different from people at Staples in the sense that I’m not afraid to be myself,” Zapfel remarked, glancing to the right as he answered.  “I’ll do whatever I what, and I won’t let anyone’s opinions stand in my way.”


A self-proclaimed basketball lover, Zapfel plays recreationally and follows professional basketball avidly like many other students.  The only problem?  His favorite team is the New York Knicks, the team with the very worst record in the eastern conference of the NBA in the 2014/15 season.  Nevertheless, he remains optimistic.


“[The Knicks] might be hard to follow, but hey, you never know what to expect,” Zapfel said.  


Now entering his last year at Staples, Zapfel has very fond memories of time as a Wrecker.


“[Staples] was so welcoming – they’re so many nice people here,” Zapfel said, leaning forward simultaneously.  “Every kid who goes here is truly blessed, and I really wish this is the high school experience the rest of the country could have.”

Jack Zapfel, Staff Writer

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Jack Zapfel