Rock school logowear properly

Eliza Goldberg, Staff Writer

It’s hard to rock school logo wear and not cross the line from classy to too casual or from appearing studious into too pretentious.

There are many different ways to show your school spirit on the daily.

Common representation ranges from T-shirts to even water bottles.

But the art of “properly” sporting logo wear is a delicate and complex fashion full of many unwritten rules.

Rule number one: wearing college logo wear before you’ve applied or have been accepted to college is tricky.

Regardless of what school is represented on your hat, it’s hard to elude questions asking if you plan on attending the school.

Rule number two: don’t wear logo wear every day.

I don’t know one person who is more comfortable in jeans than sweatpants, but that doesn’t mean sweatpants should be worn to school Monday through Friday.

Pulling the Yale sweats out of your closet should be an action that only occurs during special occasions or exams.

Unless it is Spirit Week or during the months when students receive their college acceptances, toting more than one article of logo wear per outfit falls dangerously close to over-representation.

You want to appear classy, casual and spirited, not sloppy and braggy.

Rule number three: don’t have all your outfits include school logo wear.

It’s nice to pull out your Staples sweatshirt every once in a while, but everyday is too much Wrecker-wear to handle.

Rule number four: space out your logowear days.

If you’re really into logowear, the best way to integrate logo wear frequently but not oppressively is through variation.

Plan it out. Monday, wear the hat. Tuesday, sport the T-shirt. Wednesday, take a break from wearing logo wear. Reserve your sweatshirt for Fridays.

Mix up the schools represented, and change your lineup each week.

We all have spirit, some more than others, but there’s a right way to represent that cheer in your daily outfits and a wrong way.