Five captions on Facebook and Instagram photos to avoid at all costs

Five captions on Facebook and Instagram photos to avoid at all costs

Some may argue that the caption is the most crucial part of any photo you post on Instagram or Facebook. Sadly, terrible captions have been plaguing social media sites since the beginning of time. With captions, the world is your oyster. Show everyone that you’re not just someone who makes pretty photos with filters; instead, show them your creativity.

Here are four captions that should be avoided at all costs in your quest to write the perfect caption.

1. The cliche caption that makes everyone cringe

Whenever someone posts a photo of the summertime, he or she immediately resorts to “Take me back to summer!!” Is it of the utmost importance to notify your followers and Facebook friends that you miss summer? I’m sure they all really care.

  1. The inside joke with a friend caption that can work only if executed correctly

Everyone has been around those friends who never stop referencing their inside jokes, making the other people surrounding them laugh nervously and slowly back away.

Of course captions such as “Before we fled the crime scene” or “Good thing shopping carts are big enough for two people” may peak curiosity, but people can often see through the try-hardness.

If you overthink it, it’s not worth it.

  1. The overused geotag

Ah, the geotag. What was once used to show followers the unique places you’ve been to is now used as a way to flaunt your popularity, usually by indicating you’re at a party or “with the bae.”

Using it for an actual location of a cool place is socially acceptable. But if I see another geotag that says “my house,” I might just have to send a strongly worded email to Instagram asking them to remove the geotag feature.

  1. The song quote caption that has so much potential but then just lets you down

If you’re going to use a song quote, please use good lyrics.

“The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.” Trust me, the haters will hate on your photo if you use that lyric.

Stay away from the cliche pop music if you’re going to quote a song in your caption. It’s okay if your song quote is weird and avante-garde; it will make people ponder your picture and the meaning of life.