Boys’ hockey team skates to success sans senior players

Max Bibicoff , Staff Writer

The lack of seniors on the boys’ hockey team has prompted others to step up.

After 11 games this season, the Staples boy’s hockey team is off to a fast start, holding a record of 6-5. Comprised of students from Staples, Weston and Shelton, the hockey team is without a single senior player this season.

So, while the position of captain is typically taken on by seniors, Jesse Greenspun ’16 and Ian Offenberg ’16 stepped up to lead the way as co-captains.

“The absence of seniors really hasn’t impacted our team that much,” varsity player Sam New ’18 said. “We have tons of talent with the younger kids that makes up for the lost seniors.”

Sam Zaritsky ’17 shared similar thoughts on the matter.

“I wasn’t on the team last year to know what having a senior captain was like, [but] the juniors have been a big help with the incoming players,” Zaritsky said.

Another freshman player, Zach Bloom ’18 expressed optimism about the junior leadership this year. “Both the junior captains are great leaders, and they are like our seniors […],”Bloom said.

Coach Todd Sharin also had little concern over his team’s lack of experience.

“You know, younger guys have been forced to step up, and in some cases even freshman,” Sharin said. “We have a very strong team that will grow into itself,” he added confidently.

Captain Ian Offenberg ’16 did not hesitate to show his faith in the team.

“We have a strong core of juniors who have helped to hold the team together,” Offenberg said.

He continued, “We [are] one team, we motivate ourselves, and we’re all leaders. It’s all one big unit.”