Students find ways to spend April Break close to home

Students find ways to spend April Break close to home

Will Dumke, Staff Writer

Typically when it comes to vacations, everyone tries to get as far away from home as possible. From Dominican Republic to Thailand, there are unlimited destinations for students to free themselves from Westport, but some of the most fun and valuable vacations can be had right here.

There is a trend to always travel during vacation, but staying on the east coast or even in Westport is a great way to spend April break.

Many juniors are taking advantage of the break to visit colleges around the area. These trips are fun for the family and also valuable in the college seeking experience. Ben Friedman ’16 is one of the many juniors using this break to see colleges.

“I will take advantage of the time to visit schools on the east coast,” Friedman said. “And the rest of the days I’ll be relaxing with friends in Westport.”

August Densby ’15 is one of the many seniors staying on the East Coast during April Break.

“I am spending my April break going on accepted student tours within a reasonable driving range,” Densby said. “I prefer staying close to home because it just isn’t enjoyable to be in a car for 10 or more hours.”