The Meatball Shop announces closing six months after opening

January 27, 2020


Photo by Reilly Caldwell

The Meatball Shop, closing Jan. 12, offered customized meatball dishes, allowing people to choose between several types of meatballs and sides.

The Meatball Shop of Westport will be closing on Jan. 12, after about six months of service.

Co-owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow opened their eighth location at 2 Post Road West, Westport on June 22. The restaurant sits just across the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge from the downtown area.

According to an employee cited in an article by Dan Woog, “[e]xpensive rent and not enough customers” led to the closing.

Before The Meatball Shop, the space hosted The ‘Port for just 13 months.

“[T]he Westport rent keeps going up,”

— Evy Stevens '21

The space has shifted through several restaurants in the past few years, including Vespa, Miramar and Cafe Zanghi.

“I haven’t seen any restaurants that have been able to stay there since the Westport rent keeps going up,” Evy Stevens ’21 said. “On top of that, it’s right next to Bar Taco, which is one of the most popular restaurants in Westport.”

The Meatball Shop neighbors successful restaurants Bar Taco and Oko. Customers also cited limited parking as a possible reason for a lack of business.

In the New Year, CEO Adam Rosenbaum told 06880 that their focus would be redirected to their New York Locations.

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