Hip hop artists dominate 2018

Mark Didio '20, Staff Writer

Drake, Cardi B, and Post Malone headlined as some of the biggest names in hip hop and rap music throughout 2018. The rap industry blew up from the beginning to end of the year. Records were broken album after album making this year one of the best in hip hop history.

The number one artist to finish 2018 was Drake. Drake released only one album as well as only a few singles. However, his album, Scorpion, was a massive success and was heavily anticipated. The biggest song he released this year, “God’s Plan”, was streamed over three hundred thousand times in its opening week alone. The hit is considered one of the top, if not the top song of the year.

God’s plan was arguably the biggest hit of 2018 with an outstanding music video to compliment it. Drakes style focus on material that is more down to earth than most rap artists do today, making this song connect with a larger group

Another big name in rap and hip hop industry was Post Malone. Post Malone released one album in 2018 which was streamed over three hundred and fifty thousand times in one week which shattered the previous record for streams in a week. Drake’s album, “More Life,” previously held that record. Post Malone has a large fan base due to his unique voice, beats, and production.

The versatility that Post Malone has with his voice really makes him a fantastic artist, The beats that he uses and the sound he creates in the studio really separates him from other artists. He really is a special musical talent

The hottest rising artist in 2018 was easily Cardi B. She exploded during the year with singles, an album and countless numbers of features. Her biggest song “I Like It,” featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny was her fifth song year on the “billboard hot 100” top ten. Cardi B was incredibly successful in 2018.

She just has a different style of rap from other artists said. Cardi B draws so many fans from so many different age groups and types of people. It seemed like every other song on the radio this year, she either wrote or had a verse in it.

These three artists headlined all year long. The year was filled with hit after hit after hit. It seemed as if every few weeks, a new great  album would drop. 2018 was a fantastic year in the hip hop and rap industry.