Cate Casparius ’19

           A resident in Derby, Connecticut, just 22 miles away from Westport, experienced a home invasion, on October 24, a Tuesday morning. Three people broke into the home, attacked the resident, then took off in a white van. The male resident then decided to follow the invaders all the way to Westport.

       Once in town, the resident collided with the van just outside of a local breakfast spot, Bagel Maven on Post Road East. After the accident, the suspects ran from the van and the homeowner chased them with his car trying to run them over.

      Two of the suspects got out of the van and ran. However,the third suspect didn’t get away and the resident got out of his car and kicked the suspect in the middle of the public road.

      The reason for the home invasion is currently unknown and is being investigated by the Westport Police  and officers in Derby. One suspect was driven to Norwalk Hospital to be treated for the injuries induced by the car crash and fight, however the other two have not yet been apprehended.

     “It’s really scary. It sounds like the whole part in Westport happened right near my house and the people haven’t even been caught yet,” Lauren Davis ’21 said.“What if they break into my house next?” she asked.

    Police officers are currently advising Westport residents to keep their doors locked and to look out for the suspects described as thin, medium built, hispanic men wearing jeans and hooded sweatshirts. Report any suspicious activity to the police.

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