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The Ending Victory For Girls’ Volleyball

Graphic by Nate Rosen

On Friday Oct. 25th, the Staples girls’ volleyball team won in their last game of the regular season against St. Joe’s. The girls won the first three games in a row, giving them the overall win in the match.

Game one was a clear Staples win, with a score of 25-14 Staples. Staples took the lead early on and held their own against St. Joe’s the entire time.

Game two was a significantly more suspenseful 25-23 win for Staples, with St. Joe’s taking the lead early on but being quickly surpassed by the Staples girls. Although there was some fluctuation with the score that made Staples’ fans nervous, the girls managed to crush the competition.

The girls attribute their success to the great team chemistry and communication, which is evident to the fans who watch.

“I thought it was awesome how well our team communicated and you could tell all of them got along with each other which is great, and I think that was a big reason for why we won,” fan Zoey Altis ’14 said. “The other team’s girls were completely silent for entire game.”

The amazing team chemistry not only helps the girls win, but makes the games fun for their fans.

Game three was yet another victory for Staples with a score of  25-15. Similarly to game number one, this one was less of a nail-biter than than game number 2. However, the crowd was no less excited as this win meant the girls had won the overall match.

Being the last home game of the regular season, Friday was also the team’s senior day. So the majority if the game was played entirely by seniors, with just a few underclassmen. The younger members of the team also celebrated their senior teammates by organizing a special breakfast for the girls and giving each of them a beta fish.

The Staples community came out on Friday to show the girls their support. Next week, the girls will start competing in FCIACs, so make sure to come out and support the team.

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