Holiday Gift Guide: The Six Best Gifts for Six Different Types of People

Rose Propp, Staff Writer

A Hands-On Gift For the Gamer


Do you have a family member who is bored with the games he or she has for their gaming console? If so, this holiday season there are two great games that will have them running to their game room to try them out. For the gamer who enjoys more violent titles, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” is currently one of the most popular video games on the market. For the more nostalgic gamer, “Mario Kart 7” will bring the older gamers back to their childhood and introduce the younger gamers to one of the biggest video game phenomena of all time. Both games can be purchased at GameStop on877 Post Rd. EastinWestport.


• MW3: $59.99 for both Xbox

360 and PlayStation 3

• Mario Kart 7: $39.99 for Nintendo 3DS


A Touching Gift For the Techie


If you know a people who have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any other touch screen device, you have noticed that it is difficult to get them to put down their technology. During the winter, though, your technology-obsessed acquaintance may have difficulties using their touch screen devices with chilled fingertips.

The perfect gift for this person is Isotoner smarTouch Gloves. With smarTouch gloves, you can operate handheld touch screen devices while wearing gloves. The thumb and index finger are embroidered with special thread that conducts an electrical pulse to the touch screen. Your little techie won’t have to worry about being disconnected during the cold seasons any longer.


• $21-$37



A Motivational Gift

For the Athlete

Most athletes know that when they are running or working out, it is motivational to listen to music while doing so. Although music helps, it can often be a distraction when the earbuds for your iPod or MP3 player fall out.


If you know someone who deals with this problem while working out, Yurbuds: Performance Fit Earphones will help your athlete stay motivated without the distractions. These headphones are guaranteed to not fall out due to their patented shape with twist lock technology, ultra soft comfort, fit and as an added feature, exceptional sound quality. These headphones are the perfect gift for your athlete and will improve their exercise experience.


• $29-$59

•, Walmart, Apple, and

A Hot Gift

For the Book Worm

For some, receiving books for the holidays is exciting and just the beginning of literature in the year to come.  The Amazon Kindle (along with all its other variations) would be a great way to let bookworms further enjoy the world of reading, because it allows people to read all the books they want on a handheld tablet. While all of the Kindles that Amazon offers are fantastic, there is a new Kindle this holiday season, The Kindle Fire, which introduces Internet, games, videos and music to the popular line of Kindles. While it may be the most expensive of the Kindles, the Kindle Fire is half as expensive as the popular Apple iPad.


• Amazon Kindle $79

• Amazon Kindle Fire $199

A Delicious Gift For the Chef

One of the most important factors in making the holiday season spectacular is eating delicious food. For anyone interested in exploring the world of cooking there are two cooking classes that will be great gifts for the holiday.  There will be gingerbread workshops every Tuesday and Friday at3:00 pmuntil the end of the year at Galaxy Cookies inSouth Norwalk.

At CAKESUITE in Westport Chef and Owner Michele Klem offers classes in her bakery/storefront for both children and adults. No matter which class you choose, both will be sure to make your holiday food unforgettable.

• GALAXY COOKIES: Contact Connie to sign up for one of these


• CAKESUITE: Go to or call: 203-856-8010 or 203-557-0247.


A Musical Gift

For the Performer

For children and adults of all ages, Susan Terry and Cynthia Gibb offer voice lessons as a great gift for the holidays. Susan made her Broadway debut in the original Broadway cast of “Evita” and appeared on several other Broadway shows as well as performing at the New York City Opera in “A Little Night Music.”  Terry gives lessons at her home inWestport. Gibb had a lead role in the hit series “Fame” and was lead in CBS’s “Gypsy” opposite Bette Midler. Gibb gives lessons at Just Dance Studios inNorwalk.


• Susan Terry:

(203) 227-4814


• Cynthia Gibb: