The madness of March

When March rolls around, the madness begins. From March 17th to April 7th, there will be a sense of craziness that lingers in the air. This time of the year for sports fans is paradise.

Following Selection Sunday on March 16th, which outlines the 64 teams that will be playing in this year’s tournament, begins the creation of a plethora of brackets.

March Madness is the playoff system for division one college basketball which consists of a bracket that is split into four quadrants with teams seeded one through 16. Here, the one seed plays the 16 seed and so on. Once you lose you’re out, and this is where the cinderella stories begin; the teams that have upset the higher seeds and have advanced deep into the tournament.

16 teams remaining is known as the “Sweet Sixteen,” eight teams is the “Elite Eight.”

Followed by the “Final Four” which is the last team left from each quadrant. Thus leading up to an epic and much anticipated championship game.

Todd Goldstein ’14 believes that the team to beat is Wichita State. After captivating a 31-0 regular season record, “They’re no longer an underdog and they should be a one seed,” Goldstein said.

Jonas Piekara ’16 also believes in Wichita State when making a bracket. “Well at first I make a bracket for my favorite team (Syracuse) and then I make a bracket for who performed the best this season which was Wichita State. I have faith in the Shockers,” Piekara said.

However, others don’t believe in Wichita State. “The Shockers ain’t gonna shock nobody. I’ve got Duke going all the way,” Ryan Baer ’16 said.

Whoever your team may be, make sure to create a couple brackets because this year’s March is going to be filled with madness.