Team Rizack Takes Rec Championship

With a team-leading 11 points from Foster Goldberg ’14, Team Rizack defeated Team Sobel 26-20 to take home the 2013 rec championship title.

In the 2012 recreational basketball championship game, Henri Rizack ’14 came up short. Being five points down when the clock rang clear through the Staples gym, Rizack’s team and their campaign for a championship title came to an abrupt end.

This year, Rizack made sure the end to his season wasn’t so disheartening.

“There wasn’t a single person on this team who I wouldn’t trust to put into a game and expect to succeed,” Rizack said. “Our depth was key in why we won tonight.”

Yes, Rizack and his team, coached by his mother Jill Rizack, took home first place for the 2013 rec. basketball season, defeating the otherwise undefeated Team Sobel 26-20 in a 30 minute one-game championship. The lone senior on Team Rizack, Liam Gilmore ’13, came away from the night feeling “pretty freaking awesome.”

“What can I say? I moved here this year, played rec. for the first time, and look at that—one and done,” Gilmore said. “I was happy leading this team to a championship.”

While Gilmore provided senior leadership, Henri Rizack was the self-proclaimed “defensive anchor,” notching 12 rebounds with four steals and two blocks in the contest.

Foster Goldberg ’14 was a standout on the offensive end, hitting a three-pointer with seven minutes left to bring them within one point of Team Sobel after having been down eight. However, despite losing the eight point lead and ultimately the game, Head Coach Rick Sobel is “not that disappointed.”

“I’m proud of my team,” Sobel said. “I’ve coached 15 years of rec. basketball, and this is the best team I’ve ever had.”

Through six of those 15 years, Rick Sobel has coached his son Steven Sobel ’14. With two championships already under their belts together and with a tradition of  playing on successful teams, his son couldn’t help being happy for this season.

“I’ve never had a team like this where we could consistently get on the court and blow out other teams,” Steven Sobel said. “I’m proud of how far we got.”

And, in fact, Team Sobel got as far as they did without two key components: Jack Scott ’14 and Adam Dulsky ’14. While these two looked to be the team leaders heading into the championship, both Dulsky and Scott were sidelined for the game.

“If Dulsky and Scott played, we would’ve killed them by 30 points,” teammate Charlie Jersey ’14 said. “Easily.”

Still, Dulsky and Scott were not on the court, and while Jack Greene ’14 put up four points and Steven Sobel put up six to compliment Simon Stracher ’14 and his eight, it was to no avail. Goldberg’s team-leading 11 points coupled with nine from Sam Ellinwood ’14 powered Team Rizack into the spotlight.

“We came for redemption, and I just told them to keep their heads in the game,” Jill Rizack said. “They certainly did that tonight.”


Note: Aaron Hendel ’14 supplemented an interview for this article.