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Snowy Days Bring Wishful Prays

December 20, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Julia Sharkey '13 Staff Writer Rumor had it the first real snow was supposed to fall on Dec. 16, which gave students hope for a possible snow day. Students hoped to wake up to...

Culture Without Conflict

December 13, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Judaism and I have a strange relationship. If we see each other at a party, he’ll buy me a drink, but somehow I’ll lose his number. And next month I’ll see him again, and I’ll...

Has This Flame Burned Out?

December 13, 2010

Image via Wikipedia When it’s the holiday season, being Jewish rocks. There’s something very thrilling, almost dangerous in a way, about going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve and being the...

Breaking News or Boring News?

December 9, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Wikileaks, a group dedicated to leaking confidential government files, has done it again, releasing thousands of classified documents containing conversations between American diplomats...

Cartoon Characters Take Over Facebook

December 7, 2010

Image via Wikipedia This past week, a huge number of facebook users have swapped out their standard profile pictures for cartoon characters ranging from Tommy Pickles of “Rugrats” fame to Winnie...

Volunteer Doctor in Haiti Speaks to Students in LLC

December 6, 2010

Image via Wikipedia During periods 5 and 6 on Dec. 3, Belly Eleck, who will graduate medical school in June, spoke to a group of students in the Library Learning Commons about her work in Haiti and Guatemala. Eleck...

Watch Student Speeches from May 4 Rally

May 6, 2009

Image via Wikipedia [youtube][/youtube] "Without [critical thinking skills] there will be no leaders in our community, in our...

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