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Under the Sea: Staples Students Scuba Dive During Vacations

Some students don't stop after snorkling- they go all the way down. | Photo from Zach Slater '11
March 26, 2010

Suzanne Kleine '11 Features Editor Some students don’t stop after snorkling, and continue their underwater adventures in a different way: scuba diving. Many of those who scuba dive say that they...

Saugatuck Rowers: Practice Rain or Shine

March 26, 2010

Shannon Moss '11 Web News Editor The weather is cold, rainy, and foggy. Through their rain-streaked windowshields, drivers see pedestrians huddled under umbrellas, windowshield wipers flashing,...

Rebuilding the World with Builders Beyond Borders

March 12, 2010

 Alicia Lourekas ’12 Web Sports Editor In just a week, 30 B3 (Builders Beyond Borders) students can dig big trenches with heavy tools, make cement block lines to transport materials, build houses...

Be a Punk or Grab your Trunks: Swimming at Staples Examined / CC BY 2.0
February 24, 2010

Kelsey Landauer ‘12 Staff Writer The one place that you can see your classmates without any pants on—the Staples Pool house. This chlorine-filled haven is not only a great way to cool down...

Energy Drinks Grow in Popularity with Teenagers

February 5, 2010

Devin Skolnick '11 Web Features Editor They have taken over the nation’s beverage industry with no signs of slowing. While Monster claims to “Unleash the Beast,” Red Bull advertises that it “Gives...

Cafeteria’s Orange Recycling Bins Support School, Environmental Efforts

The new recycling bins in the cafeteria are being put to good use. | Photo by Carlie Schwaeber '12
February 3, 2010

Constance Chien '10 Features Editor   Students and teachers who visit the cafeteria may have noticed the presence of orange rectangular recycling containers. The containers are a result...

A New Season and Coach for Boys Water Polo

The boy's water polo team practices hard in hopes of winning their upcoming games. | Photo by Alicia Lourekas '12
October 16, 2009

Alicia Lourekas '12 Staff Writer When the wreckers boys water polo team splashes into the pool after school they are ready to learn how to play the ‘real’ game of water polo. This year the...

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