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“Thirteen Reasons Why” oversimplifies societal issues

Netflix released the third season of their original show “Thirteen Reasons Why” on August 23. Instead of focusing on Hannah Baker, the show follows the murder of serial rapist Bryce Walker.

Remy Teltser ’21

September 16, 2019

Netflix has finally released their long-anticipated season three of the original hit “Thirteen Reasons Why.” While the first season focused on Hannah Baker’s suicide, and the second followed her high school’s prosecution, when the third season aired on Aug. 23, the plot took a completely different...

Thirteen Reasons Why imparts an important message

Thirteen Reasons Why imparts an important message

May 3, 2017

By Sasha Narang '18 If the names Clay Jenson and Hannah Baker don’t sound familiar to you by now, it’s safe to say that you’ve probably been living under a rock. The newly-released, popular Netflix series based off of Jay Asher’s teen novel, “Thirteen Reasons Why,” has caused students to question  whether the story’s message ...

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