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Computer Hackers and How to Avoid Them

April 20, 2011

Carlie Schwaeber '12 News Editor The majority of students at Staples High School own some sort of computer at home, allowing for typed homework, internet use, and of course, social networking. Whether it is Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or an Email, if it has a password, it can be hacked.  Moreover, an...

I Promise, You Don't Know Them

I Promise, You Don't Know Them

November 12, 2010

Kelsey Landauer '12 Sports Editor "Hi! How was your day?” “It was good, Mom. I went to my friend’s house with a couple of people.” “Oh, who was there?” “Don’t worry, you wouldn’t know them.” “Just try me.” It is a question so simple, yet so irksome to teenagers with t...

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