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American Idol: Step It Up or Shut Up

March 26, 2010

Season 9 of Fox’s hit television series, American Idol, which premiered last January, is a shining example of a show that’s swirling the drain. If you watched season 8, you may have been captivated...

Rebecca’s Bookmarked Sites

Rebecca's Bookmarked Sites
February 2, 2010

Rebecca Bobrow '11 Staff Writer Every day when I open up my web browser, the first thing I see is the tab of my eight bookmarked sites across the top of my screen. Surprisingly, Facebook is not one...

New Westport Band Camp Friends Jams on Originality

Camp Friends members Dan Shure '10 (left), Josh Rauh '10 (center), and Hastings, N.Y. junior Spencer Fox (right) take a break between practicing songs | Photo by Eva Hendricks '11
December 22, 2009

John Loeb '11 A&E Editor Most high school band names are weird, silly, and nonsensical. The phrase may sound cool, like “Ecliptic Sunshower,” yet it means absolutely nothing and says nothing...

One Acts Let Student Directors Express Visions

Director Adam Bangser '10 instructs his actors, Charlotte SMith '12 and Clay SInger '13, in his one act,
December 22, 2009

Sam Freeman ‘11 Web A&E Editor Every Tuesday for over a month, Adam Bangser ’10 had sat in the library surrounded by piles of one act plays and short story books. This was just the beginning...

Summer Lovin’ At The Summer Musical

Local student thespians, some of them current and former Staples Players, perform a musical number from “Grease,” this summer’s production. | Photo by Kerry Long
September 18, 2009

Cole Manley '11 News Editor On July 30, the Staples Players/Westport Summer School performed “Grease” in a 50s styled Staples auditorium. The show opened to a large audience, and featured a...

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